Smoothie Bar

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About Us is the brand name for the Organic food and drink business operated by Sahara Zion Kenya Trading Limited. We specialise in the sale and delivery of Traditional and Organic Vegetables, Yoghourt Smoothies and so much more. Our head office and warehouse facilities are based in Nairobi, Kenya.

We aim to improve the health and nutrition of the Nairobi City residents by increasing awareness and access to high quality organic Kenyan food through fair sourcing from selected upcountry subsistence farmers, hygienic processing, quality packaging and fast delivery to our customers.

  1. We are a social enterprise. Every purchase supports a local subsistence/small scale farmer as well as the women who make up a large number of our workforce;
  2. We have a Wide collection of high quality Organic Kenyan Food on our inventory;
  3. We provide Nutritional information every product description so that your know what you are buying and consuming;
  4. We have a Simple fast – online order, payment and delivery system;
  5. You are assured of Secure Online Payments on and our mobile app;
  6. We have made the Traditional telephone order service also available; and,
  7. Super reliable service; when you order, we deliver.

Get Terere (Mchicha), Managu, Kunde, Seveve (Pumpkin Leaves), Miro, Mrenda, Tsimboka, Saga, Kanzira, Nderema and village sukuma wiki at all times in either raw or cooked form. The raw vegetables can be cook-ready (imedondolewa) or farm ready (as is from the farm). For those who prefer them cooked, we do so in grandma style and deliver them ready to eat.

Infused with Organic Fruits and Vegetables, we bring you Yoghourt Smoothies not available anywhere else on the market. We prepare these with highest hygiene standards and we only make our blends the minute an order is placed. So there are no leftovers and no carryovers. Only Fresh.

We prepare 100% kienyeji (organic) meals for your everyday enjoyment. Our chicken is from the village and is pure roadrunner (not mixed grade). This and more meals such as nduma, ossobucco, sweet potatoes, matoke and much more. Order you lunch or dinner today.

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