Smoothie Bar

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Karibu Kwa Mama Kienyeji - Welcome

We are the home of Authentic & Organic Kenyan Food, packaged and delivered to you at today's Global Standards. Minimise the temptation of junk food by letting us ensure a constant supply of fresh organic food according to your desired frequency.

  • Traditional Organic Vegetables
  • Kienyeji Veggies
    from Upcountry
  • Buy highly nutritious vegetables such as Managu (Amaranth), Kunde (Cowpeas), Saga (Spider plant),  Nderema (Vine Spinach) and much more in either raw, ready-to-cook raw (imedondolewa) or ready-to-eat (cooked).
  • Healthy Organic Smoothies
  • Fresh Smoothies
    Yoghurt or Vegan Options
  • Nothing beats a smoothie as an anytime meal. Our smoothies are healthy because we use organic fruits, seeds and vegetables, organic proteins (vegan options available), organic sweeteners, and distilled purified spring water.
  • Organic Road Runner Chicken
  • Kienyeji Chicken
    from Upcountry
  • Buy pure/indigenous free range (roadrunner) chicken brought to you straight from the village in raw or cooked form. This chicken is not only natural but it is healthy. You may also wish to add the chicken eggs too for a fuller experience.

Customer Reviews

Nobody does smoothies like Mama Kienyeji. Pure, organic and packed with vitamins.

Lena Kibiwott
Smoothie lover

Customer Reviews

I love Kienyeji vegetables and i have finally found a home for my food. Thank you Mama Kienyeji.

George Mwangi
Kienyeji Vegetable lover

Customer Reviews

Kuku ya mama kienyeji ni ile original road runner na ushago. Si kama hizi za nairobi zenye ni mix ya local na grade. Am so happy nimezipata.

Anania Mwakenda
Kienyeji Chicken lover
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